Main Features

Comparison with TimeAlbum

Columbus complements TimeAlbum in various functions, but it is not yet a replacement for it.

The following table summarizes the main differences between the two applications

Feature ColumbusViewer TimeAlbum
OS OSX1 Multiplatform
Input Types Simple and Complex CVS2, GPX3 Simple and Complex CVS
JPG Geotagging yes
View track info yes yes
Generate Config. File yes
View tracks on a map yes
Reverse Geocoding of Tracks yes
Lookup of tracks yes
Export to KML/KMZ yes yes
Export to GPX yes yes
Export to NMEA yes
Convert GPX to V900 yes
License Free Free

1 Columbus is written in Java, but the current version uses some functions (for the menubar and the inspector window) which makes it OSX specific. If enough interest is raised by the application, I will consider porting to Linux and Windows.

2 Starting from version 1.1.0

3 Starting from version 1.2.0