1. Download the application from the Download page
  2. Double click the downloaded .dmg file (which will probably be in your Downloads folder)
  3. Drag the application in a location of your choice (typically: /Applications) and double click it.


Start by opening some Columbus V-900 CVS files using “File→Open Files” menu. Select a track from the left pane. The rest should come relatively straightforward. Reverse geocoding and map viewing requires an Internet connection.

ColumbusViewer can read V900 CVS files (simple and complex) and (some) GPX files The application was tested with GPX generated by the Holux GPS logger; your mileage with GPX files generated by other applications might vary.


Navigate the map using the map controller on the left hand side and the geolocator on the right hand side of the map (see figure below).

Navigation Controller Image

Notice, in particular that:

  1. the round button in the middle of the navigator controller centers the maps on the starting point of the track currently selected.
  2. the textfield on the right hand side performs a geocode to access a location in the map by name:
    • Enter some text and press the return key
    • Wait a bit of time for the reverse geocode to complete
    • Choose from the drop down menu the location you want to see on the map

Geocode Example Image

GPX Reading

Starting from version 1.2beta, ColumbusViewer supports GPX files and conversion between GPX and V900 formats.

The following functions are available:

p{color:red;font-weight:bold}GPX files might store a richer set of information than V900 files. Thus saving a GPX file to a V900 file might result in the loss of information. Keep it in mind, if you intend to convert all your GPX files to the V900 format.*

The following screenshot shows the result of opening a GPX file, called dump.gpx and containing several tracks. Notice all the entries have the same file name and that the file type (and number of points read) is shown in the left pane.

Reading a GPX file

Directory Browser

The directory browser can be used to find tracks (more) easily. For more information, have a look at the Directory Browser page


The preference panel allows to change various defaults of the application, among which:

Preference Panel

Preference Panel

Version Numbering

The version numbering schema of ColumbusViewer is:

N1 . N2 . N3


Sometime “alpha” or “beta” are appended to identify very unstable (alpha) and unstable (beta) releases.


If you have any question, feature request, or bug report please {{ “send me an email” | mailto: “” }}.

Warranty and Disclaimer

The application comes with no warranty (see License for more details).

1 Differently from Columbus V900 files, GPX files can store more than one track per file. ColumbusViewer will generate an entry for each track read.