Version 1.2.0beta of ColumbusViewer is out.

Release Notes

This is the fourth release of ColumbusViewer.

New Features

  1. ColumbusViewer now supports GPX files (at least those generated by the Holux logger). They can be read in parallel to V900 files. Each track of a GPX file generates an entry in the left pane of ColumbusViewer: thus reading a GPX file might create different entries in the left pane of ColumbusViewer.
  2. ColumbusViewer can now save to the V900 format. This allows one to convert GPX files to the V900 format (losing information possibly stored in the GPX file that is not supported by the V900 format)
  3. ColumbusViewer can now batch-convert a GPX file to a set of V900 files (“Tools→Extract GPX Tracks”). The command generates one file per each different track stored in the GPX file. Thus a single GPX file might result in the creation of several V900 files.
  4. It is now possible to reveal what file corresponds to an entry in the viewer (“Tools→Reveal in Finder”)
  5. There is more control over the map: it is now possible to choose the tile server (that determines how the map looks like), the color of the path, and what information is shown in the path. The options are available under the preference pane. Changing the Tile Server requires a restart of the application and notice the “Set Value” button that has to be pressed to actually store (and in some cases enable) the changes.

GPX reading and writing functions are experimental. Make sure you backup your important files before trying to save to V900 and batch convert files.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a bug related to opening empty files, which caused an error in previous versions of ColumbusViewer.

Other Changes

  1. ColumbusViewer has a (primitive) toolbar. The toolbar can be hidden (or shown) using the “View” menu.


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Version 1.2.0beta
Size 5.4M
Download link ColumbusViewer-1.2.0beta.dmg