Rejoyce! After a long silence, version 1.4.0 of Columbus is out … and yes!! the website has been revamped.

Release Notes

This is the seventh release of Columbus and it is mainly a bug fixing release to fix a catastrophic bug on Mavericks (application failing to open) and some other problems with tiles and reverse geocoding.

New Features (well, sort of)

  1. Updated and extended the number of available tile services: now you can (again) choose among different tile services, including Open Cycle Map, Transport, Landscape. Courtesy of
  2. Updated geocoding and reverse geocoding services: now you can (again) search by location. Geocoding and reverse geocoding courtesy of

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a problem which caused the application to fail starting on Mavericks

Other Changes

  1. The “File browser” menu has been renamed “Directory Browser” to better match its purpose.
  2. Columbus is again packaged as a DMG, thanks to dmgapp
  3. No alpha nor beta have been made available for this version: this is the first release of the 1.4 series.
  4. Java libraries have been updated to the latest versions.

Known Bugs

  1. Icons and graphs are a bit blurry on Retina displays

Please signal any problem you might encounter, feature requests, etc to {{ “” | mailto: “” }}


Codename Phoenix
Version 1.4.0
Size 5M
Download link Columbus-1.4.0.dmg